The Solution Test

Describe my solution

1. What does my solution do?

First of all, my solution does not provide online education. There are more than enough online courses covering every subject under the sun and of far better quality than I or any individual can offer.

What I am proposing is a way for people to record their learning and to offer validation for learning conducted outside the normal channels.

Also, to offer advice on choosing a pathway to where people want to go with their education – to offer suggestions and recommendations for future learning and how to achieve individual goals.

2. How does it work?

This is where I get a bit vague, so here’s my chance to firm-up some ideas.

My solution will be, essentially, an ePortfolio where people will record their formal education and qualifications. More importantly, there will be a space to record non-formal education and training with evidence of their achievement ready to be assessed and validated.

The assessment and validation side of things will have to have some sort of authority behind it, i.e. a university, awarding body or government.

Universities already have experience in the “accreditation of prior learning” for admitting students to courses, and it can account for up to half of an undergraduate programme and one-third towards a post graduate award. QAA has published formal information and guidance on the subject. There will have to be some compromise by awarding bodies on the validity of learning undertaken independently by individuals for this to work.

There will have to be a “learning planner” to help people focus on choosing the right learning for them so that they achieve what they want to achieve and reach their ultimate goal.

For example, if someone wants to become a graphic designer, their is certain knowledge and competencies a learner must have together with a body of work that meets a professional standard. the planner will help the learner plan their learning: producing a course of study and identifying appropriate learning resources.

3. Why would someone want it?

Education is expensive and only getting more so.

For most jobs, a higher education is not necessary.

The “experience” of college and university is being questioned for being worth the money.

This solution will offer people a cheap and fulfilling alternative to enable them to achieve the education they want and need.

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