Starting Point

Relevant experience


  • Twenty years experience working in the education/elearning sector
  • MA in Online and Distance Education
  • Helping eLearners Learn Online (HeLLO) – learndirect course
  • Three years experience as an online learndirect tutor
  • BA(Hons) History
  • B/TEC HND Graphic Design
  • Work experience as a graphic designer, illustrator and web designer


  • Long time interest and involvement with Free and Open Source Software community
  • Experience of web design and development

General Interests:

  • Politics
  • Creative writing
  • Illustration

Voluntary work:

  • School governor

What are the learning steps my path requires?

Content and skills to master:

  • Research skills
  • Academic writing

People or organizations that may become a part of my quest:

Courses I want to take

  • This course
  • An other P2PU course (for the experience of DIYU)

Groups to join

Specific books, etc.

Set milestones and be specific

This will be a long-term project lasting a few years and these milestones will no doubt change as I progress and become immerse in the subject.

  • Literature review
    • Broad areas of research:
      • Communities of practice
      • Theories of online learning
      • Mutual aid and cooperation
      • Free Software development and their communities
  • Post grad research methods
  • Complete a P2PU course
  • Research existing or comparable schemes
  • Extrapolate a model for sustainable open education from the research
  • Put into practice model for sustainable open education
  • Dissertation

What are the experiences I want to pursue as part of my learning?

I think the most important thing I want to experience is to be part of a rich and active community.
I have been involved in eLearning for a long time, both in a teaching and learning capacity, but only very rarely felt part of a rich and active community.
I think the reason for this is that I am usually only involved in quite short term projects with specific ends rather than long term open ended projects.
Of course, I also want to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge, and hopefully create new knowledge.
If nothing else, I want some intelligent conversations with interesting people.

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