Let’s get this methodology into shape

I need to write a proposal for my PhD application. A part of the proposal is the methodology – the part I have the most trouble with.

I have written methodologies before, but not for a while. The last time was for my Masters about five years ago.

My original plan was to do an “Open PhD”, but I’m not disciplined enough for that and procrastinate too much.

The next idea was to do a “professional PhD”, that is a practice based doctorate based on my day job. I got the backing of my employer for this and got the application in, but the University, which is also my employer, decided not to run that course next year.

That left only to apply for a traditional PhD and write a traditional PhD proposal for my application – a lot different to the application process for a professional PhD.

So this is the plan for the methodology:

  • How will I collect data?
  • What kind of data will I collect?
  • What methods will I use?
  • What are the benefits of these methods?
  • What are the drawbacks of these methods?
  • Why are these methods better than other methods?

The methodology needs to be about 1000 words long. Now all I need to do is get on with it.

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