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P2PU School of Webcraft

Explanation of my reasons for embarking on the Webmaking 101 challenges and some interesting facts about yourself.

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Build a Personal Learning Network

Here is my initial effort at charting my Personal Learning Network. I decided to do it using Freemind, a freeĀ mind-mappingĀ application available for all the leading operating systems. So far I’ve listed news-feeds, websites, Twitter and LinkIn, but I’m sure I shall be adding considerably to this. Poke around my PLN and let me know what […]

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Intellectuals and the Masses by John Carey

An assessment of the attitude of literary modernists of the early twentieth century to ordinary people. As befits the subject, every turn of phrase is loaded with meaning; ‘ordinary people’ would be see very mush as a derogatory term to most of the ‘intellectuals’ included in this book. The term settled upon by Carey’s subjects […]

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