Following the likes of DIYU, Edupunk and Open PhD, and inspired by “Build a Personal Learning Plan” at P2PU, this website is an exercise in organizing my self directed learning.

I’ve long been fascinated in the way the Internet has been used to create and sustain communities and been instrumental in creating and sharing knowledge, especially things like Free and Open Source Software. I want to experience this phenomena for myself and explore its potential in education generally.

As a quick guide to the site, I think Home and About are self evident. Progress is the general blog page that will list all my blog entries.

The Progress menu has sub-menus which largely correspond to the learning plan I devised as part of the P2PU task.

Plan is where you can read the learning plan. This will, I’m sure, change over time as I slowly coalesce my ideas.

Stuff is where I will list the websites, blogs and other open education/open access resources I come across and recommend that are relevant to my learning; whereas Nonsense is where I’ll post interesting stuff that doesn’t immediately fit-in with what this site is all about but is nevertheless interesting enough for me to comment upon.

Finally, Outgoing is essentially my links page – interesting and relevant places to visit and be inspired.

This site will grow overtime and, hopefully, become a useful resource not just for me but for others as well.